Welcome to Bridge Going Green
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Water Heating

Fix leaking hot water taps as soon as you can!

Welcome to Bridge Going Green

Low Energy Bulbs

B&Q are currently selling GE low energy bulbs of 11W (=55W) and 15W (=67W) for just 10p each!
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Village Fete

We had a stall at the Village Fete at the school on Saturday 26 June, where we asked villagers what they thought we should do next to help Bridge to Go Green.

Bridge residents were asked to pick their top three choices from the following list:

  • Farmers' Market
  • Hire of a thermal imaging camera to show heat loss in your home
  • A car share scheme
  • A fuel club for buying heating oil
  • A monthly produce exchange table
  • A community orchard
  • A swap-shop for children's and babies' clothes
  • A battery recycling point
  • Organised periodic village 'litter picks'
  • An Energy Saving Fair to meet producers of energy saving equipment e.g. solar panels
and here's how they scored....

1Farmers' market
2Community Orchard
3Produce Exchange
4Battery Recycling
5Thermal Camera
8Car Sharing
9Energy Saving Fair
10Oil Club
Pretty overwhelming support for a Farmers Market!

For those interested in battery recycling, all major supermarkets and battery retailers must, by law, now provide a battery recycling facility. Morrisons and Sainsburys in Canterbury have them - in both cases just on the right of the entrance foyers.

So, you're still not convinced about loft insulation?

Snow on roofs

This picture was taken on 8th January 2010. These roofs are in Bridge!

There may be grants available to help you insulate your loft.
Visit our Loft Insulation (Grants) page
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