Grants - Heating and Renewable Energy

Heating and Renewable Energy


Grant Source Available from Grant Available Local contact(s)
Central government 'WarmFront' grant scheme Up to £3500 for eligible householders on certain benefits
Rebate of £300 for eligible householders 60+ on certain benefits toward repair/renewal of heating system
Central government boiler scrappage grant scheme Energy Saving Trust
£400 toward replacement of a 'G' rated boiler with an 'A' rated boiler  
Central government 'low carbon buildings' programme Up to £2500 total toward renewable technologies, including solar HW (£400 max), wind, PVs, ground source heat pumps (£1200 max), air source heat pumps (£900 max), hydro, wood fuelled boiler (£1500 max), and pellet-fed room heater (£600 max)  
Canterbury Renewables Grant Canterbury City Council Up to £1000 toward renewable technologies, including solar HW, wind, PVs, ground source heat pumps, hydro. 0800 512 012
0800358 6664
Sun Rise solar energy scheme Creative Environmental Networks
Discounted solar HW and PV installations 0208 683 6683
Central government 'ShowerSmart' regulator valve scheme EAGA
Free water flow regulator valve for mains-pressure showers (one per household) available to all  
Kent Action to Save Heat (KASH) Kent Energy Centre Advice only - best local prices for insulation and heating 0800 512 012
Information from EST website, and others, 8 Jan 2010, based on postcode CT4 search
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