Bridge & District History Society - Oral Histories

Transcripts of interviews of individuals' recollections of Bridge and district

The information in these transcripts is as it was recorded during the interviews. These are the individual's recollections and as such may not always be historically accurate. If you have any comments on this information we would like to hear from you - and if you would be willing to be interviewed about your recollections of Bridge in days gone by please let us know.

Main Topics 
Bridge, hospital, shops, tannery
Farming, wartime
Audrey Kollhoff  
Bridge, shops, gas works
Brian Mummery  
Charles Fagg  
Dawn Crow  
Doris Jones Bridge, Canterbury, wartime, riding
Ewart & Jean Clough Barham, forestry, farming
Gladys Lamarr and Gwen Herbert Bridge, workhouse, school, wartime
James Woodward Bishopsbourne, wartime
John Hill  
Joy Smith Bekesbourne, blitz
Kath Pierce Bridge, shops, vet
Kathleen Deebank and Ann Gilmour Bridge, school, wartime
Win Tamsitt Bridge, shops, wartime