Bridge - A Proposal for the Future

The Proposal

In recent years, Cantley Ltd has closely engaged with local residents and the Parish Council in identifying ways to resolve the Recreation Ground lease renewal and potentially release some of its land for future development. This process has resulted in a proposal outlined below and shown on the masterplan overleaf.

Cantley Ltd proposes:


Cantley Ltd wishes to work with the local community to provide the new homes. This includes affordable housing for people with strong connections with the village. Approximately five new homes, on average, are currently being built in the village each year, and this proposal of only 40 homes will fulfil much of the village’s housing needs for the next 10 years.

The development would enable Cantley Ltd to justify providing land for a new village hall, car park and school drop off area, and for the transfer of the freehold of the Recreation Ground where the lease expires shortly.

Other additional benefits to be delivered will include a lease for the existing allotments and for the possible extension to that allotment ground, as well as the possibility of new employment opportunities at Great Pett farmstead.

The delivery of all of the benefits within this proposal would have a significant cost, which necessitates the level of residential development to provide the detailed community benefits.

Cantley Ltd recognises residential development can be controversial and has sought the minimum amount of development to deliver the significant benefits being proposed. It is also considered that this site is the best location for the majority of residents. Cantley Ltd will continue to work with the community at all stages to ensure the highest quality of development for the village.

Next Steps

You will be asked to give your view by voting on this proposal, before its possible inclusion in the Bridge Neighbourhood Plan and there will be an opportunity to vote at the village hall on Saturday, 25 November 2017. In the meantime, if you would like to discuss the proposals with a representative from Cantley Ltd please call 023 8071 3933 or

If you would like to make any comments on the proposals, please send them to Mike Bailey, Senior Strategy and Improvement Officer, Canterbury City Council, Military Road, Canterbury, CT1 1YW (telephone: 01227 862059, or e-mail.

Who is Cantley Limited?

For residents who are not aware, Cantley Ltd has provided significant benefits to the village over the past 30+ years. Cantley Ltd has been the owner of the former Conyngham Estate since 1976. The Estate is managed by Charlie Gooch and Savills, with The Eighth Marquess Conyngham as a consultant.