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Muddy Footpaths

The footpaths across the fields are now very, very muddy.

Please wear appropriate footwear and stick to paths.

Do not try to avoid the mud by walking on crop fields. Many such fields look like grass, but they are not.

The river is very close to flooding the footpath by the kissing gate in the water meadows. Only a small tree root is holding it back.

Take extra care when walking, please.

Mobile Library

Kent’s mobile library service will restart in Bridge from 17th September 2020.

The service will look and feel a little different. It will be delivered on a ‘Select & Collect’ basis, similar to the service currently operating in the open library buildings, with no public entry to the mobile vehicle. Customers will be able to return books and receive books they have pre-selected, alongside being able to talk to the mobile driver. Mobile library routes have been amended to accommodate COVID19 specific staff welfare issues and will run on a 4-weekly cycle.

Our service will be on Thursdays, 15:15-16:00 on rota “Monthly Blue 2”

  • Thursday 17th September
  • Thursday 15th October
  • Thursday 12th November

Web link. Search for location “Greencourt”

Post Office Returning

There will be a service every Wednesday 9am to 11am in The Red Lion starting 8th July.

All Post Office services should be available

Please use it; we won’t get offered more hours unless we do.

Thanks to all who have worked towards this

Soaring Water Usage

With everyone stuck at home and the holiday weather, South East Water have seen a soaring demand in water usage. Read more to find out how you can help.

Read More

Nailbourne Horticultural Society Update

Because of the current situation and uncertainty, we have reluctantly made the decision to cancel the Summer Show which was to have taken place on Saturday 25th July.

However, we still have the Chairman’s Challenge potato-in-a-bucket competition (for members only) to judge and we will be back in touch with everyone when we have decided how to do the “weigh-in”. So, despite everything, all is not lost, please do keep tending to that bucket of spuds!

If you have not grown potatoes in a container before and have any questions or issues, please get in touch and we will do our best to answer/resolve.

We are also considering how we can organise one of two virtual classes as we did for the Spring Show and, again, details will follow.

We do not meet in August and will have to see nearer the time how to proceed with the remainder of this year’s programme.

If you have any ideas or comment about any of the above, please get in touch.

Happy Gardening!