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Extra Rubbish Collection

To help with the lack of garden waste collections and so many people doing clear-outs and the tips closed, Canterbury City Council will now collect up to extra back bags of rubbish. They say:

“If you put out more than two extra sacks, we will only take two of them. This is to make sure that we can collect everyone’s waste.

This could be general waste or garden waste, but if possible, we would ask you not to put out recyclables that can go in your blue or red containers. Electrical items are not allowed.

This ‘side waste’ will be allowed at each weekly collection initially until Monday 11 May only on “black bin” weeks. Please do not put bags out on recycling weeks. The collection of the extra sacks will not necessarily take place at the same time of day as the regular collection.We have put this arrangement in place at short notice. We will do everything we can to deliver on it, but as with all things planned in this way, problems may occur and some roads may be missed. We are doing our best in difficult circumstances and will clear as many extra sacks as we can.

Much will depend on the amount of extra rubbish put out and the number of trips required to dispose of it. These are simply unknown factors.

If, sadly, we do not manage to get to your sacks, please do not report them as a missed collection. Instead, take them back inside and try again the following week.

This is a temporary change to our waste collection rules due to the emergency situation we are in. We are able to do this through the support of Kent County Council, Viridor and Serco.

It will be reviewed on Monday 11 May. If the lockdown continues and the tips stay closed, we will look to extend the arrangement for longer.”

Brian Starling

Brian Starling made his final journey through Bridge on 27 March 2020. His family and friends lined the High St to pay their respects.

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Bridgeway Stores Opening Hours

The opening  hours are now:

Mon-Sat: 8am to 6pm
Sun: 8am to 4pm

Please note that the shop will close when the delivery truck arrives to allow for unloading, restocking shelves and fulfilling village delivery orders. Unfortunately, Londis are currently unable to specify what time this will be (it’s usually very early in the morning)

Dogs on the rec

Please remember that dogs are not permitted on the recreation ground.

The only exception is going directly along the public footpath from the pavilion to the A2 – where they MUST be kept on a lead. This is especially important at the moment as there are sheep with lambs in the field by the surgery.

Cancelled: Art in Bridge Photographic Exhibition

In view of developing circumstances it has been decided to cancel this exhibition. The Committee is sorry if this causes inconvenience or disappointment. We look forward to the Art in Bridge Art exhibition – Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th October 2020 in expectation of more settled times. Please see the website for further details.

Nailbourne Bridge

Overpumping of Sewage

The sewers along the Nailbourne have become overwhelmed with the amount of water. Southern Water has begun pumping the sewers to relieve the burden.

At present this involves either pumping sewerage from one sewer to another or pumping the sewerage into tankers to be transported away. For the time being there are no plans to pump sewerage directly into the Nailbourne.

The River Management Group, Southern Water and the Environment Agency are monitoring the situation very closely and will provide updates should anything change.