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Brewery Lane Ford Closed

The Nailbourne is now running along its full length. As a result of our section connecting with the Barham section, the levels have risen considerably and the KCC duty officer has closed the road at the Brewery Lane Ford.

The heavy flood gates were put in place on Thursday morning (13th Feb 2020).

Stained Glass by Grace Ayson

New Stained Glass Window at St. Peter’s Church

Tom’s Window in St. Peter’s Church was given by Michael and Elizabeth Stewart in memory of their son, Tom Gowrie Stewart (1973-1974) who died on 29th March 1974 when only 100 days old.

There was a Service of Dedication on Sunday 29th September, which was attended by the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Archdeacon.

The window was designed by artist Grace Ayson, a glass painter and conservator at the highly regarded Cathedral Studios based at Canterbury Cathedral.

For full information, please buy the 36-page A5 booklet about the window, available in the church for just £3.

Stained Glass Design by Grace Ayson
Detail of Stained Glass Design by Grace Ayson: Showing Bridge across Nailbourne north of road from Bridge to Patrixbourne; egret, willow tree; bees; daffodils; Red Admiral butterfly.

Window from the outside. Photo by Amanda Hills