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Women’s Institute (WI)

Bridge with Patrixbourne WI, 2020

National Federation of WI, East Kent Federation of WI, Nailbourne Group of WI

We meet on the third Tuesday evening of each month at 7.30pm in Bridge Village Hall. Each month we have a competition: members bring an interesting or unusual object, this year using the letters in the name ‘East Kent WI’, beginning in March with ‘E’. A cup is awarded to the member with most points at the end of the year. Lunch Club enjoys a meal locally once a month. We have fund raising activities from time to time and organise the occasional outing to a place of interest, the theatre or cinema, or a walk.

Visitors and new members are always welcome.

For more information, contact Secretary: 01227 830606

Comments from our members

We are a group of very diverse ladies, but within the W.I. we have a common bond and friendship.

The W.I. brings together women of different ages and backgrounds to promote the needs of women.

I came to the W.I. for friendship, company and the interesting things we do.

The W.I. is the highlight of the month for the company, interesting speakers, new learning experiences, but above all, for friendship.

I like the wealth of knowledge within the membership.