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Nailbourne Bridge

Overpumping of Sewage

The sewers along the Nailbourne have become overwhelmed with the amount of water. Southern Water has begun pumping the sewers to relieve the burden.

At present this involves either pumping sewerage from one sewer to another or pumping the sewerage into tankers to be transported away. For the time being there are no plans to pump sewerage directly into the Nailbourne.

The River Management Group, Southern Water and the Environment Agency are monitoring the situation very closely and will provide updates should anything change.

Cleaner required for Bridge Sports Pavilion

Bridge Sports Pavilion is owned by Bridge Parish Council. It is let out for village and wider events. It is managed by Philip Wicker, resident of the village and former Clerk to the Parish Council.

It is used currently for a number of activities:

  • Football matches at the weekend (Sundays but occasionally Saturdays)
  • Art Classes
  • Toddlers Playgroup
  • Children’s activities during school holidays
  • WI events
  • Parties for people of all ages
  • A base for sporting and fundraising events on the recreation ground
  • As an overflow for the village hall

The work, which can be completed in 2 hours per week, consists of:

  • Sweeping and mopping the floors throughout the pavilion
  • Ensuring the toilets and urinals are clean and fit for use
  • Replenishing toilet rolls and handtowels (all provided by the Parish Council)
  • Wiping surfaces in the kitchen area and cleaning sinks throughout
  • Window and mirror cleaning
  • Bin emptying
  • Wiping walls and showers of the changing rooms
  • Informing the Pavilion secretary of any issues requiring attention


  • The pavilion is currently heavily used on a Sunday morning and needs to be cleaned and ready for use at 9.00 am on a Monday morning.
  • There is less need for regular weekly cleaning from June-August each year

The work can be carried out at any time on a Sunday afternoon or evening.

This job would suit someone who has cleaning skills and experience and who is free on a Sunday.

Payment (£10 per hour) is made monthly by cheque on submission of an invoice to the secretary (Mr Wicker).

All equipment and supplies are provided.

For further details contact Philip Wicker, the Pavilion secretary, on or 07872 639172

Parking Proposals

Canterbury City Council are currently consulting on seven proposals which affect Bridge:

Bridge Hill and Bourne Park Road

To introduce double yellow lines opposite the junction to prevent parking in the vicinity of what is now a busy junction.

Coldharbour Lane

To introduce double yellow lines due to HGV parking.

High Street (opposite Union Road)

To extend the existing double yellow lines on the north eastern side of the High Street opposite Union Road, up to the boundary of 11-13 High Street, as parked cars obstruct buses.

High Street, (near Brewery Lane)

Removal of double yellow lines.

Riverside Close

To introduce double yellow lines at the junction with Patrixbourne Road to keep the crossings clear of parked cars.

Union Road and Churchill Close

To introduce double yellow lines at the junction, as parked cars obstruct turning movements and large vehicles.

Union Road and Dering Road

To introduce double yellow lines in Dering Road and at the junction with Union Road, as parked cars obstruct turning traffic.
The consultation closes on Friday 21 February. Any objections will be reported to councillors at the Joint Transportation Board on 24 March.

Recreation Ground Gardening

Calling all keen gardeners, young and old, including the previous team.

Under Sue Hodges guidance small teams of Bridge villagers and children, have laid the foundations of an attractive Recreation ground.

We would like to continue this and welcome volunteers to come along on March 21st at 9:30, for coffee in the Pavilion, to discuss the way forward and make a start. Tools are available so just bring your gloves.
Please contact Sue Walton: sr.arw52@gmail. com

Stained Glass by Grace Ayson

New Stained Glass Window at St. Peter’s Church

Tom’s Window in St. Peter’s Church was given by Michael and Elizabeth Stewart in memory of their son, Tom Gowrie Stewart (1973-1974) who died on 29th March 1974 when only 100 days old.

There was a Service of Dedication on Sunday 29th September, which was attended by the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Archdeacon.

The window was designed by artist Grace Ayson, a glass painter and conservator at the highly regarded Cathedral Studios based at Canterbury Cathedral.

For full information, please buy the 36-page A5 booklet about the window, available in the church for just £3.

Stained Glass Design by Grace Ayson
Detail of Stained Glass Design by Grace Ayson: Showing Bridge across Nailbourne north of road from Bridge to Patrixbourne; egret, willow tree; bees; daffodils; Red Admiral butterfly.

Window from the outside. Photo by Amanda Hills

Recycling Cardboard

The refuse trucks are struggling to crush large pieces of cardboard and boxes effectively . This takes up a lot of space and reduces the amount of waste the truck can hold – resulting in the crew either making two trips to the recycling site, or putting it in landfill. So, the City Council is requesting the following:

  • Cut up your cardboard

    Please make sure that individual pieces of cardboard are no larger than 60 cm long on any side – about the length of your arm. These can then be bundled flat for collection.

    The refuse collectors will be putting stickers on large pieces of cardboard they can’t take, asking you to break it down for the next collection. For more details about this, visit

  • If your cardboard is business waste, visit commercial waste for details on how to dispose of it properly.