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Dogs on the Rec

From the Chairman of Bridge PC

The District Council has launched a consultation around some proposals regarding dog protection orders. Their proposal relating to Bridge would remove protection from all of the Recreation Ground except for the fenced off Kiddy Play Area.

The effect of their proposal would thus be to allow dogs onto the rest of that area, where currently there is a football field, and where residents exercise and have parties and celebration events, and suchlike.

This matter was discussed by the Parish Council last October, and the unanimous decision of the Parish Council was that they would support the current position, i.e. that dogs should not be allowed upon the Recreation Ground.

There are many places where one might walk a dog apart from the Recreation Ground.

And so I ask that you give the District this message: retain the current Order for our Recreation Ground. You can do this by completing their survey.

We apologise that the part that refers to Bridge is to be found only on page three, but please, do persevere with their survey and tell them to retain the current protection for our Recreation Ground