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Play park re-opening

As per government guidelines, from the 4th of July the play park and outdoor gym can be opened 🌻🤸‍♀️🌳

There are of course guidelines regarding the opening and use of play parks and outdoor gyms:

It will not be possible to ensure regular and complete sanitizing of equipment nor will it be possible to enforce any rules. Some signs will be posted around the play park as reminders of a few key points. The most important being that the 2m social distancing rule must still be adhered to — although this can be tricky with excited children…

Some other points to be mindful of:

  • Try and keep to one family per piece of equipment
  • Sit/picnic in the outside space adjacent to the play park
  • Don’t eat or drink within the play park
  • Use hand sanitizer often, especially before and after play and before eating/drinking
  • Remind your children to not put their mouths on equipment
  • Face masks are not recommended for children under 3 and adults with masks may also be unsettling to some children
  • Keep the area clear and litter-free (take rubbish home if needs be)
  • If it’s too busy to maintain a safe distance
    • come back another time
    • limit the amount of time you spend in it to give others a chance
    • keep to one adult per family (within the play park)