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Bridge Resident Planning Double Channel Swim

Last year a Bridge resident, Justin, spent endless hours in lockdown swimming on a bungee in a children’s paddling pool training for his solo swim of the English Channel. He completed this challenge in August last year raising over £25,000 for Blood Cancer UK and NHS Charities together.

This year he has set himself a new BIGGER challenge and is going to swim the English Channel 2 ways solo and this time he is raising money to send sick and disabled families on a magical trip to Lapland. Justin is working in partnership with a local charity Windchimes based in Herne Bay who provide support and respite care for children who may have learning disabilities, social communication disorders, complex health needs and those who are undergoing end of life care.

The inspiration for this challenge is from his late father Dave Lee who had a charity called ‘Dave Lee’s Happy Holidays’ which did similar holidays providing magical memories for children, carers and families. We are always reminded by families how special these holidays were, not only as they saw the children so happy but for them as a family to reconnect. When his father passed away the last of the charity’s money paid for a sensory garden for the children at Windchimes so that is why we have chosen this charity and why we are wanting to send them on this fantastic experience. 100% of donations go to the fundraising for the charity.

Justin will be the 3rd UK man to swim the English channel solo 2 way and I am sure that you can understand that this is no small task; the training, the swimming and the organisation of the trip! That is why we are working hard to get the support from media and local businesses to make this happen!

We have setup the fundraising again via go fund me so please take a look.